Adelaide Airsports are a sales and service centre for a full range of new, used and demo hang gliders, harnesses and all associated accessories required for the enjoyment of hang gliding. We are the South Australian dealer for some of the worlds leading hang glider manufactures including Airborne, Moyes, North Wing and Wills Wing. We cater for the recreational weekend pilot right through to the hard-core competition pilot who needs all the latest and greatest gear available. Spares, repairs, test flying and wing tuning are all available at Adelaide Airsports.


Whilst Adelaide Airsports no longer offer hang gliding lessons, we are still very much involved in the sport. If you are interested in learning a little more about hang gliding we offer a trial instructional flight in our microlight aircraft (powered hang glider) with Larry Jones, our Chief Flying Instructor. Larry has been flying hang gliders since 1976 and taught the sport in and around Australia for over 30 years. Larry can structure the trial flight in line with hang gliding techniques so as to give you an idea what it is like to pilot a hang glider. Both hang gliders and microlights are weightshift control aircraft, which simply means they are controlled by moving weight fore aft and/or left right. As an example a weight shift to the left will result in a turn to the left.  In a hang glider the pilot is suspended from the wing in a flexible harness, whilst in a microlight the pilot (and passenger) are suspended from the wing in a tricycle undercarriage (three wheels, two seats and a motor). 

At the completion of your trial instructional flight ask Larry for an information sheet on the sport of hang gliding.  This will include contact details for hang gliding schools where you will be able to complete your lessons and gain your Pilot Certificate. Many hang gliding schools in Australia make use of microlights to assist in the teaching of hang gliding as it is an efficient way to gain some early air time under the direct guidance of an instructor before heading to the training hill for takeoff and landing practice.  Some hang gliding schools will ask that you complete up to two hours of microlight flying with a suitable instructor before presenting for hang gliding lessons. Adelaide Airsports can provide this early training in our microlights before you head off to complete a hang gliding course. There are currently no hang gliding schools in South Australia so it will require a trip interstate to complete your lessons and gain your certificate.

Once you have your Pilot Certificate Adelaide Airsports can help introduce you to the local flying community, we can advise and assist you in equipping yourself with all the gear needed to safely enjoy the sport of hang gliding. Local pilots and safety offices will be on hand to introduce you to our flying sites and help guide you to new sites and more advanced flying.

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