Trial Instructional Flight (T.I.F.)

What better way to experience the thrill of flight than to have you first lesson with one of our qualified instructors in a modern gyroplane. This flight allows you to experience first hand the freedom of flight as you take the controls under the guidance of your instructor. Representing your first step towards flying solo, the trial flight is fun and exhilarating and will leave you realising that…yes, you can learn to fly!



Next Step:

To many, the trial flight is the first step towards gaining their Pilot Certificate and opening up a whole new lifestyle of flying adventures and regular flying with fellow pilots and friends. Yet to others the trial flight is a once off experience, a taste of something a little different and another activity to tick off the must do list. Either way the flight is structured to give the participant both a unique one off experience and a sound base upon which to build further flying lessons. After having completed and enjoyed your trial flight if you find you now have a desire to continue with further flight training please ask your instructor for a handout about the next step. This handout contains useful information on flying lessons and our lesson price structure.



Monday is our day off, but other than that with weather permitting gyroplane lessons and trial flights are available by appointment six days a week.



All trial flights and flying lessons are conducted from our flight training facility at Strathalbyn Airfield. From the township of Strathalbyn take the road to Wellington (Langhorne Creek Rd.) for 8 kilometres. A blue Airstrip sign will point you to a gravel road (Cheriton Rd.) on the right, follow this road for approximately 600 metres and a second blue Airstrip sign will point you left onto another gravel road (Angas Plains Rd.). The Strathalbyn Airfield is located some 2 kilometres along this road. The Adelaide Airsports office is located in the second building you come to. Please stay inside the fenced area and our instructors will meet you there. Please keep a lookout for aircraft and use caution when on the airfield property.

Click here for a map to the airfield



The starting point for flying lessons is the Trial Instructional Flight (T.I.F.). The trial flight starts with a pre-flight brief, followed by the flight itself and then back for a landing and post-flight brief. A 30-minute flight gives the participant time to relax, enjoy the flight and gain a good basic understanding of the unique qualities of the gyroplane. It is a good starting point and one that hopefully leaves you with a desire to learn to fly.

Some however may feel they need a little longer to settle in and become comfortable with the aircraft, controls or even the instructor. You may be comparing aircraft types and feel you need a more comprehensive first lesson (T.I.F.) before deciding to commit to further lessons or deciding on the style of aircraft that will best suit your needs. For these we offer a trial flight of 60-minute duration. For those interested in our top of the line gyroplanes that are fully enclosed and therefore a little warmer and more comfortable, we also offer a 90-minute flight, ideal if you are looking at learning to fly these wonderful aircraft.

The aim of any of our Trial Instructional Flights is to familiarise you with the handling and safety aspects of flying, to experience the thrill of flight and above all to have FUN! Your instructor will encourage you to take over the controls after first demonstrating the basic skills. The trial flight is your first step in learning to fly and becoming a pilot!



Gyroplane Trial Instructional Flight (30-minute) $190

Gyroplane Trial Instructional Flight (60-minute) $295

Gyroplane Trial Instructional Flight (90-minute) $375



All Trial Instructional Flights must be pre-booked! Gift vouchers are available and make perfect gifts for that something a little different. 

Payment by cash, credit card, direct deposit, cheque or money order.