What better gift than the gift of flight!


A Trial Instructional Flight in one of our exciting gyroplanes makes a unique gift for that somebody special. Our gift voucher allows the participant to take to the skies with their own personal instructor. Gift vouchers are available for flight durations of 30, 60 or 90 minutes. All flights are conducted from Strathalbyn Airfield with our vouchers including information, contact details and a map to the airfield.



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Gyroplane Gift Vouchers

30-minutes $190

60-minutes $295

90-minutes $375 


All gift vouchers can be purchased over the phone with credit card or via email/post using the Order Form


Open-cockpit tandem gyroplane or fully-enclosed side-by-side gyroplane


Magni M24 gyroplane - top of the range gyroplane, fully enclosed and side-by-side seating