The origin of the gyroplane dates back to the 1920’s with continued development then a frenzy of activity in the 1930’s that saw rapid advancement and the eventual invention of the helicopter. Commercial interest went the way of the helicopter and the gyroplane was left in the hands of the homebuilder and experimental pilot. To a large degree the gyroplane was very much in the background of mainstream aviation. Apart from the odd appearance at an airshow or in a 1960’s James Bond movie we heard little of the gyro.

About a decade ago I first saw one of a new breed of gyroplane, it was beautifully built and looked to fly well with impressive performance.  I noted it with interest but took it no further content to continue on my journey with hang gliders and microlights. More and more of these new machines stated to appear and it became increasingly difficult to ignore the growing interest in this form of flight. For the past 30 years Adelaide Airsports has specialized in weightshift aircraft but it was not possible to sit back and watch the recent development of the Gyroplane and its capabilities without getting involved. 

Designed and built in Italy the Magni range of Gyroplanes are a fully tested and proven aircraft that meet or exceed the standards set out by the UK Civil Aviation Authorities “Section T” certification for Gyroplanes. 

Magni Gyros are the result of continuous evolution over many years and have long been recognized for their quality, flight stability and their excellent handling characteristics. Vittorio Magni has been working in the development of Gyroplanes for some 40 years and it is he who is generally recognised as the father of the modern day Gyroplane having solved the stability problems faced by earlier designs. 

Indeed it is the Magni Gyros that have been a primary influence on the greatly improved safety of this sector of sport aviation over the past decade. The safest and most popular Gyroplanes around the world are either Magni gyros or clones of the Magni gyro. 

Gyroplanes are rapidly increasing in number as more and more pilots learn of the fun, safety and performance of the modern day gyros and some of their advantages over more conventional light aircraft. The Magni range of Gyroplanes fit perfect with our philosophies of offering quality products, that are easy to own and maintain and above all FUN to fly.

Magni gyros are imported and backed up in Australia by Airborne Windsports and Adelaide Airsports are proud to act as the South Australian dealer for these wonderful aircraft. We look forward to introducing our friends and customers to the fun of gyroplanes and in particular the Magni range of Gyroplanes. 

To learn a little more about the gyroplane and to experience firsthand the thrill of flight we offer a Trial Instructional Flight in our gyroplanes. This flight is your first step towards a fun filled world of flight!

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