A microlight is a weight-shift controlled aircraft, consisting of a wing and an undercarriage.  Having grown from the hang gliding industry the wing is similar in design to that of a modern day hang glider. From this wing the engine, landing gear, pilot and passenger are suspended in a tricycle type undercarriage. Due to this tricycle undercarriage you will often hear these aircraft simply referred to as trikes.

Microlights are very stable and offer impressive performance with short takeoff and landing, exceptional climb rates, sporty handling, comfortable two-place seating, quick pack-up/set-up, portability, ease of storage, low maintenance and an affordable price tag.

Adelaide Airsports has been involved with microlight flying since its very conception and was the first school in Australia to offer full time professional training in this form of powered flight. Indeed our Chief Flying Instructor, Larry Jones designed and built one of the first microlight aircraft to ever fly in Australia way back in the 1970’s. 

Established in 1985 Adelaide Airsports taught microlight flying on a full time basis right up until the end of December 2022, making it Australia's longest running microlight school. Although we no longer offer microlight lessons, our base at Strathalbyn still house over 30 microlight aircraft. Past students and friends use the facilities at Strathalbyn Airfield for storing and maintaining their aircraft, for socialising and of course for regular microlight flying activity.

Adelaide Airsports is a sales and service centre for microlight aircraft and all associated equipment and accessories. We sell a full range of new, used and demo aircraft.


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