With the latest breed of two-seat microlights becoming faster, heavier and far more sophisticated, we have, to a large degree, left our humble roots behind. Sure it is great to grab a friend, load up some camping gear and head off at great speed to destinations far and wide. Here at Adelaide Airsports we do a lot of that style of flying; we enjoy and highly recommend it and would encourage pilots to join some of our microlight adventures around the country. The Nanolight however offers that something a little different. It is a return to an earlier era of our sport yet it manages to embody all the latest high-tech design features from the hang gliding and microlight industry. 

The latest development of lightweight single seat microlights has given birth to an entire new industry and along with that a new name. Nanolight is generally the term given to a lightweight, simple single seat microlight (trike). The prime objective is simplicity, efficiency and fun as opposed to horsepower and speed. The nanolight trike breaks down quickly without tools, to easily stow in the back of an average family car. The wing is light and once packed can easily be carried on car roof racks. It is quick, easy and portable. 

Adelaide Airsports introduced nanolights to the Australian market in 2008 with the import of the Dragonfly from the UK. The Dragonfly was the first fully certified commercially built nanolight trike to become available to Australian pilots. Success of the Dragonfly quickly led to other manufactures offering similar nanolights and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a choice of the best nanolights on the market, including the Aeros ANT, Flylight Dragonfly, Airborne T-Lite and V-Lite.

Nanolights typically have cruise speeds of between 25 up to around 40 knots depending on the make and model. More than enough for local flying and yet still fast enough for a reasonably long cross-country flight. What makes them really unique though is their soaring ability. So for the hang glider pilots amongst us a real opportunity for soaring flight with the independence of not having to sit on the hill waiting for wind or getting a team together for the tow paddock. Self-launch, shut it down and soar, if the lift dies off, push the starter button, power up and head for home. The nanolights are a simple, yet efficient single seat microlight come powered hang glider that offers affordable flying in a portable package for those pilots that just want to have FUN! Personally I love flying the nanolights, on the "Grin Factor" scale they rate as high as anything I’ve flown. 

Adelaide Airsports was the first microlight centre in Australia to offer its customers a commercially built, fully certified nanolight trike. We have vast experience with nanolights and we love flying these little trikes. 


See YouTube for Larry flying the Aeros ANT.


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